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When my boys were 9 and 10, my sister’s girls were right into their teens – I did not envy Jean at that time. Boys are easier, was my mantra. I would repeat it time and time again, as I pulled them off one another, wrestling on the floor. Then, in a flash, my boys were in their teens and my sister’s daughters were in their mid-twenties, ma...

May 24, 2019

Many things are happening in our parish, so here is an update on these “many things”:

1. The Capital Campaign, which the Diocese of Hamilton has initiated and which we are using to raise funds for our building project, is well under way.  Thank you to all who have already responded to the invitation.  We have one more month of encouraging o...

May 10, 2019

The season of Easter post Easter Sunday can be a bit of a missed opportunity.  It is my experience that most of us return to a kind of ordinary time after Easter Sunday, having enjoyed the fullness of celebrations during the Octave of Easter.  The Church invites us to celebrate the 50 days following Easter Sunday as a preparation for the S...

May 3, 2019

“One Heart, One Soul” campaign has begun, and many of you have already received packages in the mail explaining our building project which this campaign is hoping to finance.  Those parishioners who have received pledge cards in their packages, all we ask you to do is fill it out and return it in an envelope provided.  That’s it.  I know t...

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