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September 27, 2019

October is upon us, along with the beauty of the season of fall.  In our Catholic tradition the month of October is closely connected to the Blessed Virgin Mary through the devotion of praying the rosary.  I want to thank our local Knights of Columbus for leading the practice of praying the rosary at St. Mary’s Church every night at 6:30pm...

September 20, 2019

It's been a little over 2 months since the construction of our parish hall addition started.  I thought it would be good to give an update on the progress of our project.  The parish hall addition had its foundation walls poured this week past.  The floor of the basement of the addition will be poured this coming week and then the building...

September 13, 2019

Forgiveness is an important aspect of our faith life. Jesus spoke of forgiveness, he forgave people's sins, and he commissioned his followers to forgive. He even said that without forgiveness salvation is not possible: “Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us”. The work of forgiveness, therefore, must be seen not simply as a...

September 5, 2019

Positive attitude is a sign of good spiritual health.  There are so many things surrounding our everyday life, both positive and negative things.  Even within each one of us there is this duality, sometimes we are good and sometimes we are bad.  The key to a life of a Christian is to do what God does, to focus on the good.  Jesus came to b...

September 5, 2019

Are you happy? If you are not, what is keeping you from attaining happiness? Is it money? If you had more money, would you be happy then? Is it popularity, success? Would these things make you happy? I would venture to guess – no.

If you were to Google happiness, the information, definitions and psychological discussions would bore you to t...

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