Good Food Box

St. Mary's Church in Owen Sound is an order site for the Owen Sound Good Food Box program. 


What is the Good Food Box?

The Good Food Box program uses the power of bulk purchasing to buy produce directly from the distributor and then divide up the bulk purchase into family-sized bundles containing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Once a month participants place their orders for a box of fresh fruits and vegetables with their local coordinator. On the monthly delivery day, volunteers sort and pack the boxes for pick-up.

The box contains 10-15 different types of fresh fruits and vegetables each month. The produce included will vary by season.


Who should use the Good Food Box?

Everyone! Each of us can benefit from eating more fresh, affordable, and nutritious vegetables and fruit.  If you feel that there is too much produce in a box for your household, consider sharing a box with family, friends or neighbours


What does the Good Food Box Cost?
The box costs $15.00 each month. Payment is required before pick up date. 
Orders must be in by the 3rd Thursday of the month, with pickup on the 4th Thursday of the month.


How is St Mary's Church involved?

St Mary's is an order location only.  If you are interested in ordering a Good Food Box, please stop by the office (Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm).   Orders can also be made at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church and Central Westside United Church.  Pickups happen in one location only, at Central Westside United Church.


More Information

The Good Food Box program is available in a number of locations throughout Grey and Bruce Counties.

For more information on the Good Food Box program, please visit the Public Health webpage (click here).

For more information on our local Owen Sound chapter of the Good Food Box program, 
please visit their Facebook page (click here)