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Refugee Committee Update

Our Parish Family of newcomers is making the back-to-school transition, like all other families with kids. Except that everyone of them is ‘in school’ now. The youngest child will be in daycare, the two older boys enrolled at Bayview school and Mom and Dad are involved with their ESL studies. Both adults have made a good start since their arrival just over a month ago, and they take some pride in their accomplishments. So far the journey for the boys has been about new experiences and fun, we’ll see how they do with school. We have not needed to do much to meet needs with the Abedallahs, your generosity provided them with most of the necessities for making a new start. They thank you for that. It has been a delight to see them become more familiar with the Owen Sound area, to start to get out into the community, on their own, and to feel secure here.

I want commend to you the terrific team of volunteers on our ‘refugee committee’, who have involved themselves so diligently, and with such care, in helping these people start a new, and hopefully better, life. The journey seems to be rewarding, in both directions.

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