Funerals are typically arranged, and paid for, by the Funeral Home of your choice.

A stipend of $150 is payable to St Mary's Church for funeral celebrations that take place either in one of our churches or at a funeral home.

There are additional fees if you wish to hire our Music Directors as accompanist/soloist ($100/each), or have our CWL ladies prepare a luncheon for after the funeral (approximately $4-$6/person depending on location).


St Mary's Cemeteries


We have 4 cemeteries within our Parish:

St Mary's Owen Sound
St Mary's Hepworth
St Michael's Irish Block
St Stanislaus Chatsworth

Effective June 1st, 2010, the price of Interment Rights (lots and plots) increased in all of our cemeteries.

For St Mary's Cemetery in Georgian Bluffs (Owen Sound), the price of a single lot increased by $100 + $5 GST.  This means that a double plot increased by $210 on that date, and by $226 on July 1st when the HST took effect.

In our three smaller cemeteries, the price increased by $50 + $2.50 GST per single adult-sized lot, and subsequently, $105 for a double plot on June 1st, and $113 on July 1st.

All other prices, such as cremation lots, interments, and marker installation related costs, were also affected.

Information regarding burial plots can be obtained by contacting our Cemeteries Manager: Angela Corrigan at  


**please note that prices are subject to change

St. Michael's Cemetery Project Aims to Raise $35,000 to Erect an Iron Fence


Fundraising began in earnest in February 2017, and the response has been most gratifying. This ambitious project to build a fence along the front of the cemetery property has also generated interest in writing a unique history of St. Michael's community. To celebrate the fence and the history, a garden party is planned for August of 2018. Keep checking this website for updates.


We are grateful to those donors who have made generous donations to date:


Mary Morneau Smith

Bill and Sandra Simpson

Doreen Myatt

Marilyn Matthews Gosselin

Juli and Karlo Jorgensen

Leone O'Reilly

Mike and Marie Donovan

Lois and Roy McGregor

Jean Maher

Nadine McNabb

Karen and Darcy King

Brad and Lenore Gervais

Shannon and Paul Weitendorf

Clare Maher

Brian Maher

Wakeford & Company CPA

Clare Robinson

Patricia and William Clark

Albert and Helen Murray

Mary Eileen Armstrong

Don and Mary Holmes

Bob & Leone Allan

Brenda Allan & Russ Sewell

Roy & Shirley Cahoon

Lorne & Cheryl Cahoon

Catherine Thompson

Dave & Hilda Swailes

Eugene & Patricia Armstrong

Richard & Libby Armstrong

Greg & Rose Armstrong

Alice Quigley

Anna McLeod

Linda Cahoon

Marlene Lourie

Dodie Hesch

Brian Wood Funeral Home

Matt & Joanne Dahmer

Shane & Christine Alderman

Jeff & Kathy Traynor

Christina Brown

Sr. Edna Hood

Karen & Don Duggan

Philip & Sandra Godfrey

Wayne & Evelyn Thompson

Joan Engel (nee  Armstrong)

John & Marguerite Ward

Norm & Nancy Bethune

Mark Lemon

Edward Paul Godfrey

Theresa Muzzell

Eileen Matthews 

Ian and Caroline Godfrey

Mac and Ruth Cundle

Wendy Anne McCormack

Dennis Duggan

Roberta Carey

Maureen Greff

Central Place Retirement Community

Bonnie and Van Thompson

Mike and Jerrie Traynor

Sharon & Orville Johnston

Lynda Binns (Cameron)

Michael & Patricia Sanislo

Yvonne Harron

Lou & Anne Cahoon & Family

Sharon McLaren

Archie & Rosalie MacDonald

Brenda & Paul Zimmer

Robert & Marcella Kovatch

Michael Kovatch

Bradley Kovatch

Margaret Kovatch Meshkin

Anna Farrell

Laverne Matthews

Bernadette Catalano

McArthur Tire

Lou & Gladys Godfrey

Blair McArthur

Andrea Greff

David Greff

Michael Greff

Paul Greff

Stephen Greff

Peter Greff

Knights of Columbus-Council 2092

Brian Murray

Paul Murray

Alice Quigley

Keith & Helen Heimpel

Maureen & Emod Greff

Jayne Menard

Anne Traynor Lewitt

Rita & Bill Adamache

Carl Guse

David & Betty Traynor

Mary Ann Goodliffe

Lawrence & Phyllis Armstrong

Justin Heimpel

Mary Armstrong

Martha Myatt

Anne Marie Traynor

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