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From the Pastor's Desk

During the month of November the Church reminds us of our eternal destiny. The month of November begins with the celebrations of All Saints and All Souls, uniting us with those in Heaven and those in Purgatory. By looking at our brothers and sisters who have died we are encouraged to remember them, to pray for them, and to seek their prayerful intercession for us. This remembering helps us build a community of believers and reminds us that we are not alone. Remembrance Day is also celebrated in November. It helps us to remember our fallen soldiers who gave their lives for freedom. We pray for them as we remember their sacrifice. The readings at Sunday Mass begin to take a more eschatological (end times) theme as we near the end of the month of November. We hear Christ reminding us of the final judgment and the reality of our own mortality. As the weather changes and our nature prepares for a winter nap, we too can take the time to slow down, reduce our anxiousness about this life, as we remember that God is with us on our journey toward Him, our eternal destination.

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