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Christmas is Finally Here!

Christmas is finally here! All that preparation is behind us now, and we can now enjoy time with family and friends. I pray that this Christmas you may experience God’s grace in a new and special way. Don’t forget to spend some time with the Lord this Christmas, who is the “reason for the season”. This can be done by making sure that our Christmas is not filled just with secular Christmas traditions but also, and above all, with Christian Christmas traditions. Here are some examples: read to your children about Jesus and not just about Santa, sing/play Christmas carols and not just Christmas songs, share a time of prayer and gratitude to God as a family. As Catholics we celebrate Christmas throughout the Christmas season (until the 2nd week of January), so let’s not throw out our Christmas decorations on December 26 but rather enjoy this season of joy a bit longer than our radio stations do. May God bless all of us during this Holy Christmas Season!

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