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Before we know it Lent will be with us, a holy season of preparation for the celebrations of Christ's passion, death, and resurrection. I will write more about this holy season in the next few weeks, but for now I just wanted to invite all our parishioners to add certain dates to your calendars. Ash Wednesday will be celebrated with Masses and the distribution of ashes at St. Mary's in Owen Sound at 9am and 7pm. Though it is not a holy day of obligation in Canada, it is still a very popular day that marks the beginning of our Lenten journey. Ash Wednesday liturgies will also be celebrated at all of our schools throughout the day. Please do come if you are able. During the season of Lent instead of a Mission we will be hosting a Potluck Series on Wednesdays at 5pm-7pm. Bring your favorite dish and listen to a teaching on the essentials of our faith offered by myself and Fr. Emmanuel at the parish hall in Owen Sound. It will be a time to gather, share, and learn. And lastly, Bishop Crosby will be our guest on Friday, March 17, for our Lenten Penance Liturgy, which will provide an opportunity to go to confession to one of our visiting priests and listen to Bishop Crosby's message for our community. The Church asks that every Catholic celebrates the sacrament of confession at least once a year, and this is a perfect opportunity for that. The entire list of our Lenten events has been included in the last week's bulletin as an insert, and it can be viewed and printed from our website as well. God bless you,

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