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Easter People

As Christians we are called Easter People. Have you ever thought about our fascination and exceptional focus on the Easter experience? Why aren’t we Christmas people? The focus on Easter is an important one, because it celebrates the manifestation of Jesus as God. Jesus reveals Himself to us slowly through his incarnation at Christmas, his teachings and miracles during his life. Jesus even reveals his profound love for us through his passion and death. But it is Easter that

blows the doors right off the hinges with a very clear manifestation that Jesus is God! Easter focuses us on the resurrection of Jesus, an act which became the ultimate sign of Christ’s divinity. To rise from the dead, to conquer sin, to live forever are all things we want; And Jesus did it. Not only that, He promised that those who follow him will also experience resurrection from the dead, death to sin, and life forever. We are a people of Easter because we are looking towards Easter, towards the promise of Jesus that we too will rise, we too will live with Him forever. Remember when churches used to be built facing east? The reason for that was to remind us that we are looking towards the Lord who will return with the rising of the sun in the east. Remembering that we are Easter People reminds us that our future is secure, that God has prepared a place for those who love Him. We are used to spending our todays investing in a better future, because that’s how we live in this world. My parents are retiring this year and the main focus for them is “have we saved enough to live comfortably now”? It is good for us to plan for the future in this world. When it comes to our life of faith, though, things are reversed: We receive a free gift of tomorrow in order to find peace and joy in our todays. This is the source of our joy - that we know what will happen at the end of our lives because it already happened to Jesus. This knowledge of Jesus resurrection, and the promise of our resurrection, allows us to live with a renewed joy and peace each day. Whenever we share the message of Jesus’ passion and death, we must remember to always include his resurrection as well. Let us enjoy a few more weeks of the season of Easter and be reminded that we are Easter People, and we have much to be grateful for!

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