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Advent is Here!

This Sunday we begin the holy season of Advent, a time of preparation for the Solemnity of Christ’s Nativity (Christmas). The season of Advent is marked with the themes of joyful expectations, of active waiting for the coming of the Lord. Waiting is not something that our present society is very fond of, but the theme of waiting is very present in the spiritual tradition of Jews and

Christians. Waiting on the Lord is an essential part of our spiritual life, because God’s gifts are given in God’s time and according to our readiness. Unless we learn how to wait for God to act in our lives we will experience difficulties in our prayer life. Part of the problem with waiting is that it can be seen as a waste of time, but this is only the case when our waiting is passive, which means that it does not include any transformation or work of preparation. The Church invites us to engage in active waiting, the kind of waiting that includes our awareness that God is acting and that we are being prepared for something amazing. How will we wait for the Lord this Advent? Perhaps by entering into the silence of this beautiful season, finding moments of quiet and rest. Perhaps by renewing our desire to be patient with God and with one another, letting go of our restlessness and hastiness. Perhaps by choosing to enter more fully into each task that we are engaged in: enjoy the drive and slow down, do your work more intentionally and with less haste, listen to those around you more deeply and speak less, etc. Be creative in finding ways to enter into the work of active waiting on the Lord during this holy time of Advent. As a parish we will try to prepare for Christmas this year by hosting 3 evenings of Movies and Desserts. Come for a movie and bring your favourite dessert or snack. Come on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm during Advent: Movie #1: December 7, “Going My Way” with Bing Crosby is one of the classics, a winner of 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture 1944.

Movie #2: December 14, “The Star of Bethlehem” - documentary on the real existence of the star that appeared over Bethlehem when Jesus was born. The research presented in this documentary will amaze and inspire. 2009

Movie #3: December 21: “The Nativity Story” - the most beautiful presentation of Mary and Joseph, their relationship of purity and love, and the birth of our Lord. 2006

Fr. Kuzma

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