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Jesus' Spirituality

In order to discover the best way for us to be with one another, we should first notice the unique way in which God chose to be with us. To be with someone in their joy and in their suffering is the greatest

expression of compassion. Through the act of the incarnation God reveals Himself as a compassionate God. This means that God does not begin to show Himself by focusing on His uniqueness, how God is different from us; God begins by becoming one of us and, in so doing, by focusing on how God is one with us. Solidarity with, and not uniqueness from, is the basis of the Incarnation, as Jesus chooses to enter into our reality and walks with us. Rediscovering the Incarnation allows us to encounter a living, breathing, loving, passionate, and compassionate God who joined with humanity and shared all of our brokenness. This starting point is a very important one, because it leads us to ask a fundamental question: 'how do we follow in the footsteps of the Incarnate God, one who chooses to enter the world and experience the world?' We must notice that the Incarnation is not about Jesus coming as an individual-hero who sees Himself as one completely separate from the world, but rather as one who became one of us in all things but sin. We could say that the spirituality of Jesus was very much formed by the choice of the Incarnation, the choice of wanting to be one with us. This is important for us to consider when we look at our own spirituality as Christians. We must begin not by trying to separate ourselves from the world in order to find God, but rather follow the example of the incarnate God by entering the world in a deeper and more communal way. It is through our solidarity with the world, and not our distance from it, that we will allow our pursuit of Christ-centered spirituality to truly follow the movements of God who “did not deem equality with God as something to be grasped at, but being found in the likeness of humanity, humbled Himself” (Phil2:8). Fr. Wojtek

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