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Now that we are well into the month of November, and our beloved snow is back, we are gearing up for a new liturgical year. As things go, with the new year, we are looking at new offerings. I hope that you can join us and support us with a number of new gatherings and events starting as soon as at the end of November:

Christmas Movies Potlucks – Starting on November 30 we will offer three Friday evenings preparing for Christmas. These will be evenings filled with great food, great Christmas movies, and building friendships. Please bring your favourite food to share with others, and join us in a parish hall for a Christmas theme movie. Fridays (Nov. 30, Dec. 7, and Dec. 14) starting at 5pm-7:30pm.

Lessons and Carols – is a beautiful service of music and readings traditionally offered in the season of Advent. Our very own music director Corry and musician Don will offer an evening filled with song and scripture in preparation for the celebrations of Christ’s birth. Sunday, December 16th, starting at 7pm at St. Mary’s Church in Owen Sound.

Alpha Catholic – is a program focused on introducing people to the person of Jesus Christ in a new and intimate way. The program follows a series of 8 evenings which include a meal, a video, and a discussion. We are hoping to start the Alpha program in our parish on February 5th until April 2nd. Alpha will be offered at St. Mary’s Owen Sound on Tuesday evenings at 6pm-8:30pm. Please call the parish office if you would like to sign up as a participant or as a volunteer. It is my hope that all of our parishioners participate in this program as a first step in the process of renewing our parish.

I hope that everything we do and offer at St. Mary’s and the Missions will serve one purpose, to lead us and those around us closer to Jesus Christ, so that we may love God and one another. So, please join us, get involved, and yes, keep praying for snow! Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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