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What's it All About?

What’s this all about? I’m talking about Advent, what is it all about? This is not a trick question, it’s just an invitation to look at the present moment. To help us know what the season of Advent is about we look at our readings during its four week period. The season of Advent begins with readings about the end of the world. It’s interesting that the liturgical year begins with our end in mind, almost as if to help set the course for humanity, as if to say “remember your end, make life decisions with your end in mind”. Advent, therefore, is about preparing ourselves for the end of our lives, that we may be welcomed to God’s glory. But there is more! Half way through the season of Advent the readings shift to a different focus, namely the nativity story, the Christmas story. It leads us to celebrate Christ’s birth and to rejoice at the humility and love of God who “humbled himself and was born of the virgin”. Advent, therefore, is also about remembering God’s love for us, and celebrating that love, renewing that love. As a liturgical season Advent is very short. It is only 4 weeks long, and most of those 4 weeks are spent already celebrating Christmas. Even still, I believe that Advent has a very important lesson to teach us, and that’s the message of LOVE. The season of Advent is about Jesus, it is about God’s love for us, and it is a necessary reminder that without Jesus there is no love. Sure, people experience a kind of love in this world, in different relationships, even apart from God, but that is not true love. How do we know? Because it does not last, it does not satisfy. A life without God leads us to be constantly shifting, searching, changing. Only God can satisfy, only Jesus is able to quiet down our hearts and minds so that we can rest. Advent is about JESUS, it is about accepting JESUS once again into our lives, and living for JESUS. There is no real joy outside of a relationship with HIM. So during our Advent season let’s not forget the most important person, the only one who satisfies: JESUS CHRIST, THE SAVOUR OF THE WORLD! Let’s take time to pray to Him, to thank Him, to ask His forgiveness for our sins, and to renew our life of friendship with Him and faithfulness to Him and His Gospel.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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