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The Gift of Lent

We begin the holy season of Lent. You may be wondering what is so holy about Lent. Is it not a time of giving things up and repenting in “dust and ashes”? Yes, it is true that Lent is a season in the church that is focused on penance. In other words, Lent invites us to put our spiritual life into a higher gear and work a bit harder at it. The holiness of Lent stems from the opportunity and the invitation for each one of us to become a little bit holier. In other words, through a bit more work we are hoping to experience growth in our relationship with God. This season is holy because it invites us to renew our commitment to holiness, goodness, and faith. During Lent we are invited to honour the suffering of Jesus by praying Stations of the Cross. This ancient meditation on the passion of Jesus continues to this day. At St. Mary’s in Owen Sound we offer this beautiful devotion every Friday of Lent at 7pm. I would love it if each one of our mission churches gathered together on Fridays of Lent to pray Stations of the Cross. Perhaps a few people from each of our churches could come together and offer this as an opportunity for their church community. It doesn’t have to be at 7pm, and it doesn’t even have to be on Friday. I wish Fr. James and I could find a way to lead this prayer in each of our churches, but at this time we are not able to do that. Please consider helping us by offering to organize it in your own church. May our season of Lent truly be a holy season for all.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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