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Capital Campaign Update

“One Heart, One Soul” campaign has begun, and many of you have already received packages in the mail explaining our building project which this campaign is hoping to finance. Those parishioners who have received pledge cards in their packages, all we ask you to do is fill it out and return it in an envelope provided. That’s it. I know that some parishioners have been heard saying that they cannot help. Can I suggest that even those who cannot give a sizeable donation still participate by offering a small donation. We can all give something, and when we do, we will all feel a sense of ownership for this great project of rebuilding and renewing our Catholic parish.

Those parishioners who have not received a pledge card in their packages, and were told in the letter that a volunteer will contact them to set up a short meeting, please wait for a call or a tap on the shoulder from one of our volunteers. The process will be very short and not difficult: you will be asked to meet with a volunteer after Mass and you will be given your pledge card and asked to participate according to your means. That’s it. The card will be placed in the envelope and returned by mail.

Our building project is almost ready to begin, hopefully we’ll see some digging start around the parish hall this month. I will also be giving updates on the money raised, and we will simply leave the rest to God. Thank you to all of our volunteers, and to all parishioners for your support and your generosity. On an unrelated note, a new priest moved in as a new associate pastor on Wednesday. His name is Fr. Francis Hubilla. You will all have a chance to meet Fr. Francis over the next few weeks as he will try to make it to all of our churches. We welcome Fr. Francis and pray that he will be a blessing to all of us, especially to me.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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