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Post Easter Sunday

The season of Easter post Easter Sunday can be a bit of a missed opportunity. It is my experience that most of us return to a kind of ordinary time after Easter Sunday, having enjoyed the fullness of celebrations during the Octave of Easter. The Church invites us to celebrate the 50 days following Easter Sunday as a preparation for the Solemnity of Pentecost. We are asked to join the apostles who were told by Jesus to “wait for the Holy Spirit who will teach you all things”. I would like to suggest that we place our focus during these days on the Holy Spirit, the promise of the Resurrected Jesus. At St. Mary’s in Owen Sound we have been watching a video series about the Holy Spirit on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm. This will continue. For those who are not able to join us, you can follow along with us by going to our website and watching along. I will be posting a video from each week on Sunday afternoons. So far we have watched two episodes, and they are on the home page of our website. Let’s make this time of 50 days after Easter Sunday one focused on the Holy Spirit.

As per an update of our building project, we are moving slowly toward our goal of starting to build phase one. All the plans and drawings were finalized and sent out to tender this Monday past, and we are expecting to have three quotes by May 23rd. It looks like the start of our build will now be at the beginning of June. I just keep thinking to myself: “good things happen for those who wait”. Let’s hope!

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