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Encountering God in the Family

In her books “Sacred Dwelling” and “Seasons of a Family's life” Dr. Wendy M. Wright attempts to describe family spirituality by reflecting on moments in family living. Experiences of family living shared in these books are not unfamiliar to most families: pregnancy, giving birth, nursing a child, sending a child to school, etc. What makes these ordinary experiences of family life extraordinary is Dr. Wright's ability to encounter God in their midst. This is really the secret of family spirituality, being able to recognize God in the ordinary events of one's life. One of the greatest obstacles to encountering God in our world is lack of reflection. We tend to go through life looking too far ahead, and not taking enough time to reflect and savour the present moment. We tend to look for God in the experiences of others, living lives of the saints, listening to the inspiring conversion stories of our neighbours, savouring spiritual books of those who are holier than us. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by the experiences of others, but we should not limit our experience of God only to the experience of others. God wants to be known by us in our daily lives, in our experiences that may seem very ordinary. Perhaps this is the greatest lesson in family spirituality: God wants to meet you in your family, and not only when you kneel down to pray as a family, but during the ordinary moments of your life. Every moment can become grace filled: family meals, walks in the park, difficulties with children and with spousal relationships, broken hearts, dirty dishes, angry teenagers, etc. Where is God in those moments? What is God saying to you in those moments? What do you wish to bring to God in those moments?

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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