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Building Project Update

We have now signed a contract with Allen-Hastings Ltd. to build Phase 1 of our project. Allen-Hastings is a well-known local builder; they built the Parish Centre back in 1997, and we’re quite happy to be working with them again.

Our costs going forward with Phase 1 will be:

1,089,040 Building contract

141,575 HST

125,000 Fee for construction manager


- 98,664 Less expected HST Rebate


Expect to see construction activity begin on July 15th, and completion by Christmas.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the funds we’ve received up to this point for the New Build. Our fundraising for this project officially started with the One Heart, One Soul campaign, but even before that began, we’ve had many parishioners throw their support behind this project with financial donations. A number of parishioners have given us cash gifts of various sizes to use toward the build. We’ve also received memorial donations in memory of: Gen Henry, Steve Herr, David Murphy, Phil White, Wilf Myatt, Carol Hillyer, and Lou Cahoon, all of which will be directed toward the build. We’ve been fortunate to have parishioners remember the parish in their wills and have benefited from the estates of Martin Casey, Stella Smith, Shirley Hawkins, and most recently, Wilf Myatt – who left us a sum of almost $610,000. We are also going to use the principal investment of the Lou Hood Estate, which we received in 2015, toward this project. Many thanks also to our Catholic Women’s League, and to the E Schiarizza Legacy Grant, which continues to support the parish annually, as well as those parishioners who have made donations of stocks and investments for the purpose of this build. We’re also incredibly encouraged by the support we’ve received from all corners of our parish. All of our mission churches have given their support to this build and have supported it either by holding fundraising events, or by giving portions of their own building funds to the New Build.

All told, as of June 20th, 2019, we have $1,180,644 in readily accessible funds, ready to use on Phase 1. We are also expecting to receive an additional $40,000 from the Wilfred Myatt Estate, bringing our total to $1,220,644. We almost have enough funds to pay for the entire cost of Phase 1 before we even begin construction!

In addition to this $1.2 million that we already have accounted for, are the pledges toward the One Heart, One Soul campaign. We already have $508,144 in pledges – all of which will be directed toward Phase 2: The Rectory portion of the new build.

We are on very solid financial footing. With the level of financial support we have seen to this point, we will have no problem seeing this building project through to completion! Thank you to all who have helped and continue to help with this important investment into the future of our wonderful parish. Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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