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Summer is Short

The summer is now in full swing, which was most noticeable on my drive to Lion’s Head and Tobermory last weekend. Our mission churches were full, the roads were busy, and the local restaurants and businesses were working overtime. It’s nice to see this influx of people to the beautiful area we call home. Whenever I see visitors come our way for holidays, I am reminded how blessed I am to live here (in God’s country). The truth is that even the most beautiful of things and places can become ordinary when we are exposed to them on the regular basis. These visitors remind me to be grateful, and to notice the beauty that is all around me. God has blessed me, God has blessed us, by creating this beautiful landscape which we call home. Let’s take the time to notice it, to enjoy it, and to give thanks to God for His goodness to us.

The renovation project, Phase 1, is moving along quite well. All the services at the parish hall have now been relocated to allow for the basement of the addition (future offices). In the basement of the parish hall the floors have been cut for the new washroom drainage. This past week an opening was made in the foundation of the present parish hall to connect it to the addition. There was also much cleaning being done as the old bakery stove, one proofer, and an old store fridge were taken away to be recycled. I’ll never know how the workers moved that old stove from the bakery without cutting it. The work continues. Our building committee is busy working with the City Hall on the necessary permits for the Phase 2 of our project (new rectory). We have now received a response from the City with a list of additional paperwork that will be required. Time for us to get busy and complete our homework.

A new beehive has been located behind the church (to the right of the old main doors). So far the bees are doing very well. There were two reasons for this new venture: first, to provide honey for sale as a fundraiser for the church and bees wax for making candles for our churches, and second, to create a deterrent from unwanted behaviour behind the church. Thanks to Frank van Trigt for his great help in getting this started. Frank is not only our resident bread maker, but he is also our resident bee keeper. If anyone would like to get involved with our ministry of candle making, please speak to me. My hope is to save money by supplying all of our churches with our own candles, and maybe even making some candles for the seasons of Christmas and Easter to sell as a fundraiser.

Summer is short so please enjoy it, give thanks to God, and love one another.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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