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Be Healthy, Be Positive - Be Christian

Positive attitude is a sign of good spiritual health. There are so many things surrounding our everyday life, both positive and negative things. Even within each one of us there is this duality, sometimes we are good and sometimes we are bad. The key to a life of a Christian is to do what God does, to focus on the good. Jesus came to bring Good News (not bad news), and He is busy encouraging sinners, and helping them to see that they can change their lives. St. Paul in his letters to the early Christian communities always begins by praising them for the good deeds and the faith they have already embraced, and not schooling them for what still needs to change in their lives. The early Christian communities had the habit of referring to one another as saints and not sinners in order to highlight the good that was already being cultivated in their lives. When it comes to our lives, our families, our world; there is both good and bad that exists in all of these. The choice we have to make is this: which do we accept as our primary focus. Christians are called to be positive, hopeful, faith filled; that’s part of our call. Even as we may be surrounded by negativity, we cannot give into it. So, the decision we should make is how do we choose to look at the world? Perhaps we can start by trying to see the good in all things: instead of saying that summer is over let’s notice that the beautiful fall is beginning, instead of saying that many people don’t go to church let’s notice that there are still those who do, instead of saying that tragedies happen in the world let’s see that there are many who care and help those in need. Let’s be positive, let’s be grateful, let’s be Christians.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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