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Building Project Update

It's been a little over 2 months since the construction of our parish hall addition started. I thought it would be good to give an update on the progress of our project. The parish hall addition had its foundation walls poured this week past. The floor of the basement of the addition will be poured this coming week and then the building will begin to rise as the construction of walls and the roof takes shape. There has been much progress in the basement of the existing parish hall as well, with the framing of the walls and new washrooms completed. Once the inspection of the work is finished (especially new electrical lines and outlets) dry walling and new flooring will follow. Phase 1 of our project is scheduled to be completed by December 20 of this year.

Regarding the second phase of our building project, namely our parish rectory, we are moving along. Following the recommendations of the City Hall Committee, we are working with our architect to make some adjustments to the design of the new rectory, which we hope to resubmit to the City of Owen Sound for approval sometime in December. Once submitted the City will have a choice to accept our proposal (at which point we can move forward) or reject it and ask that we undergo additional studies (at which point we will have to be delayed by following their feedback). If our plans which will be submitted in December are accepted and approved, we should be able to tackle Phase 2 of our building project sometime in 2020.

Thank you to all parishioners for your support and encouragement. I pray that all this hard work will benefit the future needs of the Catholic Community of our parish for years to come, for the good of the Church and our Lord Jesus Christ.


Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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