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Christmas Wishes!

What should I wish you for Christmas? There are so many needs in the world, in our families, in our own lives. How can I possibly wish our world, our families, and you my dear friends, everything that you need, everything that we need. The world needs peace, love, food, safety, security, sustainability, and so much more. How do I choose what to wish our world? Our families need stability, unity, forgiveness, patience, shelter, understanding, and so much more. How do I choose what to wish our families? Our people need belonging, meaning, acceptance, friendships, and so much more. How do I choose what to wish our people?

Lest we forget the past at the peril of the present, we should notice that during the time Jesus lived on earth there were also many needs in the world, in the families, and in people’s personal lives. In all the ways the world back then was different from our own, it was still very much like our own world. The needs still existed, and they were very similar to the needs that exist today. The world, families, and individuals back then as now were searching for the gifts of peace, love, food, safety, stability, forgiveness, and so much more. God’s response to all the needs was simple: He gave us His Son. In other words, God gave us the gift of Himself as a response of all our needs. One simple gift, the gift of Jesus, as a response to all need.

So, what I want to offer to the world, to our families, and to each person for Christmas is the gift of Jesus, who is the answer to all of our human needs. Jesus is the true gift, because only He can fully satisfy our needs. As we offer many earthly gifts to each other during this Christmas Season, food for the hungry, toys for children, kind words to the distraught, etc. it is most important that we don’t forget to offer the greatest gift as well, the gift of Jesus Christ. Keep Christ in Christmas, wish God’s blessings on those you meet, and share the message of God’s love with those you meet. Invite someone to Church with you, offer to pray for someone, tell your children the story of Jesus’ birth. May Jesus be at the top of your gift list to one another. That’s my Christmas Wish to one and all!

Fr. Kuzma

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