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Christmas season is not only short (if you discount the commercial lead up to it), but it is also filled with stories and traditions we know so well. There is something comforting, I think, in celebrating that which is old, well known, and so so familiar. Like slipping into a pair of old comfortable shoes. In a world that seems to be moving further and further away from God, it sure is interesting how Christmas has maintained its staying power. The more I think about the attraction of Christmas, why it is not as easily rejected as the practice of our faith, I become aware of an old truth: people are intuitively religious in nature. What I mean by that is that we all need traditions and rituals in our lives, we all cling to the stability that religious practices offer us. This is perfectly displayed with Christmas decorations all around our towns and neighbourhoods each year. In all the ways we try to be adventurous and new in our approach to life, family and work, we still find comfort in returning to the old, familiar, and comfortable. Perhaps the attraction with Christmas among people who are not practicing their faith offers us a glimmer of hope. Perhaps it shows that what is at the very heart of each person is a need to belong, to feel, and to love. One of the most beautiful and resonating gifts that Jesus offers us is an answer to these very needs. Jesus offered us a community of believers who come together to pray, to receive gifts from God, and to be loved. We call this community the Church. With all of the struggles that some may have in being part of the Church in our modern world, our invitation to have them come and join us is truly a way to answer the longings of their hearts. Let’s remember that next time we are hesitant to invite our children, neighbours, or friends to join us at Mass.

Fr. Kuzma

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