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Time for an Update

Now that the new year is upon us, and our Christmas celebrations are finished, it’s time for an update. Here are a few things I look forward to at the start of this new year:

* Our parish hall addition is coming along. We are now looking at the end of January as the new completion date, though that may still move a bit depending on many factors. We are very close, and the trades are working hard each day to finish the job. Once completed, we will be busy trying to move all of our offices over to the new addition, and we may ask for some assistance from parishioners who are willing and able.

* The second phase of our building project, namely a new rectory, is moving along as well. The City’s Committee has unanimously voted to recommend that City Council grant us a demolition permit for the rectory. The next step comes on January 13, when the Council will vote on this. Say a special prayer on that day. If we get the Council’s vote, we will then be able to move ahead with detailed drawings for the new rectory in order to apply for a building permit. We are hopeful that we can begin phase 2 in the summer of this year.

* A number of events are planned for the parish hall in the spring of this year. We will be running Alpha once again in a few months, hoping that those who participated in the first Alpha which ran last year will be able to volunteer and assist new participants. We will also start meetings of our Catholic Young Adults (ages 18-35) with the first meeting planned for the evening of Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14). I’m also hoping that we can resume our Potluck Movie Nights soon, enjoying good food, great movies, and friendship.

* This is also a season for priests’ holidays. I will be away from January 12-21 on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Fr. Francis will be visiting his family in the Philippines from January 17-February 24, and Fr. James will be making his family visit to Ireland on March 1-16. Many thanks to Fr. Tom Moisan for his ongoing support and assistance with Sunday Masses during our time away.

Fr. Kuzma

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