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From the Pastor's Desk:

“The wait is over, the battle won!” These words of an Easter Hymn have been playing in my head all this week. Why, you may ask? Well, we (priests) have finally moved into the rental house, and our offices are fully functioning and are now open. Yes, we are back. Thank you to everyone who helped us, especially my friend Roger and his son Jacob. With the help of Roger’s small trailer, we were able to move all the furniture to the house, and it only took 15 trips. The good Lord provided us with a week of record high temperatures, so the move allowed us with a good workout. There is still work to be done in emptying the rectory of all that still remains, but this will pass. We hope to have the rectory completely cleaned out and ready for demolition by the end of July. The Building Committee continues to work hard on preparing for the next stage of our Building Project.

Regarding our parish Masses, we have seen a steady increase in numbers. People are coming back to church, and it is beautiful to see. With the proper protocols in place, we are trying to keep people safe while providing an opportunity to worship God and receiving Holy Communion. For those unable to attend, we offer live stream of the rosary with priests Monday through Friday at 9pm. We will also make Sunday mass available online once again starting this weekend. You will find it on our website.

God willing I will be taking 7 days away from the parish at the beginning of August. Yes, I am going on my annual motorcycle trip with 3 other priests. Last year we went to Victoria, BC and back in 2 weeks. This year, because of travel restrictions, we will stay in Ontario (well and just beyond). We will be going to Edmonton through Timmins, and back through Espanola. I will try to connect with all of you along my trip, but more on that in the coming weeks.

Fr. Kuzma

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