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From the Pastor's Desk:

COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we interact, by implementing social distancing and proper hygiene. More of us stay home these days, as we try to be respectful citizens and responsible during these difficult times. Churches had to find new ways to connect with people, and we have certainly tried our best to offer ways to still come together as a parish, through online activity. Thankfully, we have been allowed to have Mass, even as we continue to follow safety guidelines when attending church or parish office. It looks like these measures will be in place for a while longer, especially as we try to navigate through the flu season. I would like to encourage all of our parishioner to have a positive outlook at the new ways we are doing things. Even as it is difficult for us to come together, because we are offering more things online this allows members of our mission churches to join us. Perhaps we can look at this time as a special opportunity to come together as a parish, given that the distance is not an issue if we are gathering online. The way things look right now, we are only able to come together for the most essential things. For this reason I would like to make more of our programs available online. This will allow us not only to stay safe, but also to have parishioners from further away joining us from the comfort of their home. Starting in October we will resume our Catechism teachings on Thursday nights from 7:30pm-8:00pm. This will be live streamed on our parish’s YouTube channel, and as you join in you will be invited to write questions in the comments section which will be answered at the end of each session. This Catechism series will also be used for RCIA candidates who are preparing for reception into the Catholic Church on Easter. I hope you can join us. I have more ideas about ways for us to connect, but more on that next week.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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