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From the Pastor's Desk:

As many of you know I am a fan of motorcycles, which is why in my free time I enjoy watching videos about motorcycles. I haven’t watched TV in a long time, but I have consumed a considerable number of motorcycle videos on YouTube: everything from instructional repair videos to motorcycle adventure trip videos. In watching these I have learned that many people work on and ride motorcycles as a way of dealing with their mental health issues. This is especially true for men, who have a harder time talking to someone about their challenges. I’ve been thinking about mental health issues that so many people struggle with, especially now during this COVID-19 isolation. Mental health issues are real, and they affect many people. But, mental health is not an isolated part of our life; but rather, it is one of many pieces that make up the human person. This means that our physical, spiritual, and mental life are all connected. We know that improving our physical health can have a positive impact on our mental health, but do we recognize that improving our spiritual health can positively impact our mental health as well? This is where the Christian faith is truly good news for those struggling with mental health issues: taking care of our spiritual life will benefit our mental health. I’m thinking of ways I can share this with people, maybe even by starting a motorcycle YouTube channel. We’ll see about that. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know struggles with mental health issues, please share with them the good news that improving our faith life, our relationship with God, and simply going to Church can have a tremendous positive impact on the rest of our life and our health: and that includes mental health. Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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