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From the Pastor's Desk:

Allow me to reminisce - I remember it very clearly. As a family we did it every year, and with no exceptions. My job, once I was old enough, was to buy all the candles that we were going to need. Sometimes I had to stand in a long line up as there were many others trying to make the same purchase. Then, around 5 in the evening we would head for the cemetery. Our cemetery was usually an empty place, not a favourite choice for an evening stroll. But on this one day a year it was different. It seemed like the entire city was walking the old allies of the cemetery and placing lit candles on individual graves. Even though we did not have any family members buried at this cemetery we still bought candles to place them on those graves that seemed un-kept, those which had no candles on them. I remember seeing some people praying by the graves, some speaking softly (no one would dare raise their voice at the cemetery). There was a great sense of peace and quiet at the cemetery that night. As we were walking back home I would look back towards the cemetery and enjoy the great view of all the lit candles. The darker it got, the better I could see the brightness of the lit candles spread out throughout the entire cemetery. Though I did not fully understand the symbolism behind this practice I grew to love it. When we moved to Canada the experience of Halloween which seemed to replace our outings to the cemetery would leave certain dissatisfaction in my heart. Let’s take the time to celebrate the beauty and mystery of All Saints and All Souls throughout the month of November. Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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