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Come, Holy Spirit - a woman's perspective

Early on, when I first began writing these pieces for the bulletin, a compliment was given and my response, which I no longer remember, brought forth this reply from a parishioner – ‘That’s the Holy Spirit’s doing.’ Wow. I’m slow to catch on some times, but when she said that, I felt it and I knew that it was true.

Sometimes, when I’m thinking and praying, I often don’t distinguish which of the Three-Persons-in-One I’m addressing, I just think – God. But since it was brought to my attention that the Holy Spirit was often at work in my writing, I now pray directly to the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and help me to make my words clear. Just because we go through this ritual each time – it doesn’t always bring success. That’s through no fault of Spirit’s – it’s all on me. I may get distracted; I may have my own agenda; or I’m simply not paying attention. Isn’t that often the case in everything we do? Paying attention is crucial.

The Holy Spirit also guides me – when I’m paying attention – in my conversations with others, especially with my kids and grandkids. Saying the right thing at the right moment can make all the difference in helping to ease tension, or bring to light a different perspective – not with preaching, but with Spirit-filled words of love and understanding.

The Holy Spirit is a powerful force in our lives which, if you’re like me, may sometimes go ignored. We should never ignore the urgings of the Holy Spirit. In Acts, the Spirit is depicted as a wind, or a tongue of fire. Within each of us, I think, it most often comes in a different form - a nudge, perhaps; a push to say or to act in a way that is pleasing to God. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? If we are led by the Spirit we will remain on the right path. So what happens? How do we get so lost sometimes?

We forget to pray. Prayer should always be an essential practice in a life of faith. If we choose to be led and not to lead, guidance from the Holy Spirit, through prayer, is key.

On a slightly (but not entirely) different topic – I have been using these very quiet lockdown, pandemic days, to compile my bulletin pieces. I’m attempting to put them into book form, as a fundraiser for the new rectory. It’s a slow project and, at times, a frustrating pastime. Did you know I had recycled some of these pieces, giving them different titles? I had forgotten. Say a prayer to the Holy Spirit for me, to lead and guide me in this endeavor; for its success in generating necessary funds. Thank you and God bless.

Margery Frisch


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