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Dean of Grey Bruce

Dear Parishioners,

During Fr. Kuzma’s time as pastor, he also served as Dean of the Bruce Gray Deanery. Now that he is no longer in the Deanery, the Bishop has appointed me as the new Dean. What is a Dean? Having never been one myself, I am not exactly sure. In the universal church, a Dean is called a Vicar Forane and here are some of his duties outlined in Canon Law:

Can. 555 §1 . . . the vicar forane has the duty and right:

  1. of promoting and coordinating common pastoral activity in the Deanery;

  2. of seeing to it that the clerics of his district lead a life in keeping with their state and perform their duties diligently;

  3. of seeing to it that religious functions are celebrated according to the prescripts of the sacred liturgy, that the beauty and elegance of churches and sacred furnishings are maintained carefully, especially in the eucharistic celebration and custody of the Most Blessed Sacrament, that the parochial registers are inscribed correctly and protected appropriately, that ecclesiastical goods are administered carefully, and finally that the rectory is cared for with proper diligence.

§2. In the Deanery entrusted to him, the vicar forane:

  1. is to see to it that, . . . , the clerics attend lectures, theological meetings, or conferences

  2. is to take care that spiritual supports are available to the priests of his district, and likewise to be concerned especially for those who find themselves in more difficult circumstances or are beset by problems.

While these are the reputability on paper, I am sure the nuts and bolts of the job will be made clear to me as the year goes. Please pray for me in this new duty.

God Bless,

Fr. David Reitzel


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