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Draw closer to God

As we reflect on the end of our liturgical year, here are a few practical points worth considering:

1. Do not postpone the good that you are called to do. The reality is that we tend to postpone those things that truly make a difference about our salvation, because we think we still have lots of time. But do we? How do I know how much time I have? Plus, even if I do have lots of time, how do I know that after a lifetime of putting things off I will be motivated to change? We must start living as if Heaven is around the corner. Thank God for every day of our lives, and praise Him for the gifts that He has given us and the struggles that He has given us. All can be used for His glory and our salvation.

2. Do not be afraid of the teachings of Jesus. Many people tend to change the teachings of Jesus because they are uncomfortable with them. Even though Jesus was very clear that only those who are faithful will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, some still claim that all people will be saved, no matter how they live. Those people are living in fear of God’s truth, and so they must change the teaching because they are unwilling to change their lives. At the end of the world the truth of God will not change, no matter how many people try to change it. So don’t change the truth, but change your heart. Accept the teachings of Jesus, even if they are uncomfortable. They will help you get to Heaven.

3. Lastly, be sorry for your sins. God gave us a great gift of forgiveness. He expects us to be faithful, but forgives us even if we are not faithful. Do not throw that gift away. Too many people stay away from the sacrament of reconciliation because they are afraid to admit to their sins, or because they do not believe in the words of Jesus who wants us to come to confession. Do not be afraid; free yourself from the power of sin and death by accepting the forgiveness of Christ through sacramental confession. Plan for it in the season of Advent. There will be many opportunities.

May this sacred time of reflecting on last things be an opportunity for us all to draw closer to God, and to live more in the present. Blessed November!

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma


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