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Easter Sunday is God’s answer to all of our woes, it is the ultimate gift of God to humanity. No matter the trouble we find ourselves in, no matter the sadness, no matter the frustration with the world, Easter Sunday has opened the door to life. God’s ultimate gift has already been offered to us, nothing else remains. God’s love for you and for me has been outpoured with abundance through the gift of Jesus and his saving passion and glorious resurrection. If we only take the time to consider the gift, to ponder the mystery, to savour the moment, our minds will be renewed and our hearts enlarged. “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light”, and yet so many of us choose to remain in darkness, and focus on darkness, and talk about darkness. Through the beauty of Easter we are invited to see the light, to focus on the light, to live for it and remain in it. The light of our faith is the most beautiful background upon which we are called to build our lives. Easter calls us to reject darkness and embrace the light. Easter leads us to bring light into the darkness of our thoughts and emotions. Easter gives us the ultimate gift: a new way of seeing that leads to a new way of being. During this holy season of Easter let us look upon the light that surrounds us, spend time in the light that is offered to us, radiate the light that enters inside of us, and share the joy of Christ who has conquered our darkness forever. Fr. Wojtek Kuzma


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