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Farewell Fr. David

Dear Parishioners,  


Today marks my final Sunday at St. Mary’s and the Missions before moving onto St. Mary of the Visitation in Cambridge. While change is always tough, I consider it a sign of God’s providence that I came to you, a Marian parish, from Assumption, a Marian parish, and am going to the Visitation, a Marian parish. Mary seems to have her eye on me.  

Thank you for all your prayers this year. When I first arrived, I made a deal with you. Do you remember what it was? I would pray for you, and you would pray for me. So often we think of prayer as the last resort when all other options fail. But in fact, prayer is our strongest weapon against whatever may come.  


Can I make another deal with you? I will continue to pray for you, and you continue to pray for me. 


Though I am leaving this week, if we keep each other in prayer, especially at the altar, we will always remain close.   


God Bless,  

                   Fr. David


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