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Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

Dear Parishioners,  

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy family. It’s a beautiful feast that commemorates the life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. 

In particular, this feast highlights those silent years of which we know almost nothing about. The years Jesus spent living a normal life in Nazareth. He was obedient to his mother. He learned carpentry from his father. So normal was his life that when he started his public ministry, people wondered, “isn’t this the carpenters son?” They had never seen anything special in him. 

While these years were silent for us, they were not silent for the Holy Family. These were the rich years when Mary and Joseph came to know and love ever more deeply their Divine Son.  

This is the reason we rely so heavily upon Mary and Joseph in our prayers. They spent THIRTY YEARS with Jesus. And they weren’t just his neighbour, they were his Mom and Dad.  

Mary and Joseph know Jesus in a way you and I can only imagine. While they were minor characters in scripture, they were major characters in the life of Christ.  


We pray to the Holy Family with confidence, knowing that what is spoken to one is shared by all.  

God Bless,  

Fr. David  

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