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From Fr. Luc's Desk

I am continuing to write a message in the absence of Father Kuzma who is in Florida. In a text, he wrote that he is “doing well, getting to know the people here, doing a bit of work, spending much time outside, and some family time on Sunday afternoons. It has been a beautiful and blessed time thus far.” Since Father Kuzma would never want us to worry or feel sorry for him, he really means that he is missing his dear parishioners, our great weather and his hectic schedule. Please keep him in your prayers.

On the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Church presents one of the most famous teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Beatitudes in Saint Matthew’s Gospel. Each one of the eight beatitudes promises a blessing right now to those who through faith in God choose or accept one or more heartfelt positive attitudes towards difficulties. In a real way, when we think and act positively by placing our trust in God, we are already blessed and He promises a heavenly reward. Which ones of these beatitudes do you desire most?

Those who through faith and humility make themselves poor in spirit already belong to the kingdom of heaven. Those who mourn and share others’ suffering will be comforted. Those who resist vengeance out of meekness will inherit the earth. Those who care for the poor and for justice will succeed. The merciful will receive mercy. The pure in heart will see God. The persecuted for doing good and for their faith in God already belong to the kingdom of heaven. The greater the persecution of the faithful ones, the greater their joy should be due to the great heavenly reward awaiting them.

May the Lord’s promises to his friends motivate our faith, hope and love. May God bless you and Our Lady, Saint Joseph, the Angels and the Saints protect and guide you always.

–Fr. Luc, (Retired priest).


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