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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We welcome yet another New Year with Mary as our model and guide. On January 1st the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. With Mary we are invited to start this New Year with our gaze fixed on Jesus, our Lord and King. Whatever may come and whatever we must leave behind, Jesus is with us and Mary helps us to keep Jesus at the front and centre of our lives. Mary is called the Mother of God because Jesus is God, and Mary is the mother of Jesus. We are called children of God, because God loves us and chose to adopt us as His own. Let's begin this New Year by focusing on our title of being called children of God. As children, we must accept the fact that we still have much to learn, and that there is still growth that can and must take place in us moving forward. May this New Year be a time of growth, of new learning, of new loving, of new excitement at what we will experience and encounter. As belonging to God who is our Father, we remember that we are taken care of by God who is our Heavenly Father. A child is safe when he/she is taken care of and protected by loving parents. Remembering that God is our Father we also feel safe, free from all danger and discouragement. May this New Year be an exciting time for each one of us, a time filled with opportunities for learning, for loving, and for living. May our love for God continue to grow, and our devotion to Mary accompany us throughout the year. God bless you my beloved. I love you all!

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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Unknown member
Dec 29, 2022

Happy and blessed New Year to you, Father Kuzma. Thank you for all you do for our parish.

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