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In God's Own Time a woman's perspective

I’m having a bit of trouble feeling the solemnity of this Lenten season. There’s been a happiness in my heart through these winter months that the worst storm, the most unpleasant day, the most difficult task cannot extinguish. I’ve written a book and the fact that I have accomplished a lifetime goal fills me with wonder and joy.

Many years ago, in one of these bulletin pieces, I wrote of a concern I had, that I was pondering, and I put a prayer up to God – is this what you want me to spend my time doing? The answer came back to me in two quotes that came across my desk that day. The answer was yes…but don’t just sit there…work a little harder! And I did. Still, that was years ago.

I like to say this book came to completion in God’s own time. My husband would tell you procrastination was the delay. Admittedly, I’m a person who is easily distracted – by life – work, grandchildren, extracurricular activities too numerous to mention…but if we were to credit my procrastination alone – there would still be no book. I give all the credit to God. In fact, once this book was printed and in my hands, I offered another prayer – of thanks, yes, but more than that: This is your doing, Lord, I said. I offer this book back to you. Do with it what you will. And that is what has filled my heart with happiness and joy.

Do you have a dream; a goal, that you think about, that you talk about doing someday, but can’t seem to finish? Does the prospect of it overwhelm you? Pray about it, offer it up to God. That’s a beautiful plan right there, but I soon learned that there was more to be done than praying. One must actually put in the time and get the work done. If it’s God’s will, you’ll find the time; if it’s God’s will, you’ll overcome the hurdles. The right people will be put in your path, the mountains will become mole hills. Try it, especially during these times of limited activities and social gatherings. You must be patient and persevering and prayerful. Say to yourself, In God’s own time, but never stop moving forward toward your goal, and always with a thankful heart.

Margery Frisch


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