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Made for the light

As we experience yet another winter season in Canada, many people make great strives to get away from the darkness and cold in order to experience the brightness and the warmth of the sun by travelling south on a winter holiday. There is something comforting in the brightness and warmth of the sun. No wonder we all miss it during our winter months in Canada. The choice to live in light and not in darkness is not an easy one. This is primarily because darkness is often easier. Once a person gets used to living in darkness it is more comfortable to stay there. In the darkness I can do what I want, I can be the lord of my own life, I can sleep as long as I want and if I choose not to help anyone but only myself, no one will notice.

Darkness can seem attractive. But the reality is that we can never achieve any kind of lasting happiness in the darkness. As human beings we are made for the light. It costs us to come out into the light, and at first it may seem uncomfortable on our eyes. But only in the light can we achieve our true purpose, happiness and fulfilment. Jesus came into the world in order to overcome darkness with His light. As followers of Jesus we are called to live in the light of Christ. The light of Christ is ours for the taking, but we must make an effort to reach out and grab it, to live it. Our faith will continue to grow if we strive to continually move away from darkness and towards the light. The darkness of our sins, of our selfishness, of our pride and self-gratification towards the light of Christ’s teaching, Christ’s presence in the sacraments, Christ’s invitation to give of ourselves to others and share the light of Christ with them. May the light of Jesus illuminate us this Advent season and forever. Stay in the light my friends.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma


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