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Merry Christmas!

Dear Parishioners,  

In the 5th Century, St. Leo the Great began his Christmas homily saying, “Dearly beloved, today our Savior is born; let us rejoice. Sadness should have no place on the birthday of life.” 

No truer words were ever spoken of Christmas Day. One cannot be sad if they truly understand what God did for us today.  

Today God became man and dwelt among us. While we were yet sinners, like sheep each going our own way, God decided to come down from heaven and call us back to himself. He had sent prophets before, but we would not listen. Now that God himself had come, perhaps then we would listen.  

What voice would he use when he decided to call us? Would it be the roar of the Lion of Juda? No! We probably wouldn’t have listened to that. Far from a roar, God first spoke in the murmuring of a child.  

Such is God’s love for us that he not only chose to redeem us, but he chose the humblest path, becoming a child so we would not be afraid.  

Today Christ removes all obstacles that lay between us and God. May we not be afraid to come close to him, open our heart to him, and follow him back to heaven.  


Merry Christmas,  

Fr. David  


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