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Summer Updates

As we draw closer to the end of the school year, I would like to share some updates in anticipation of our summer schedule. There is much that is happening and will be happening during the summer months, and to all who are involved in helping in any way I want to say thank you.

  • Fr. Tom Moisan has been a God send to me. When I was in real trouble having to find a priest to assist us on the weekends, Fr. Tom offered his services. For about 5 years Fr. Tom has been assisting us on the weekends, alternating between Owen Sound, Chatsworth, and Meaford. I know that we will all miss him, but with age he deserves to slow down and enjoy retirement. I have made it very clear to Fr. Tom that he will always be welcomed in our parish, whether to celebrate a Mass from time to time, or to come and stay with us in the new rectory. Time will tell how it will all work out, but at this time all I can say is “thank you from the bottom of my heart”. Fr. Tom will help on a few more weekends this summer before he moves to Dundas.

  • Fr. Luc Payette, formerly a pastor of Mary Immaculate Parish in Chepstow, will be moving into our parish for his well-deserved retirement. Fr. Luc has generously offered to help us with priestly ministry during his retirement. I have admired Fr. Luc for many years, for his devotion to the Catholic faith and for his great example as a priest. I’m extremely happy that the Bishop has suggested this move and that Fr. Luc has agreed. On Wednesday of this week Fr. Luc will move in with myself and Fr. Francis, and you will start seeing him around our parish offering priestly ministry starting next weekend.

  • Fr. Francis has been an incredible support to me during these last few years, especially during the time of Fr. James’ death and Fr. Greg’s transfer. Fr. Francis has never refused to do anything that needed to be done to assist me in the pastorship of our parish. I am so grateful to have Fr. Francis as my associate pastor. A small sign of my appreciation will be in a form of an extended holiday for Fr. Francis, so that he can spend more time visiting his family and friends in the Philippines. Fr. Francis will be away from the beginning of August until the middle of October. We wish him a happy and well deserved holiday. During Fr. Francis’ time away you will meet a number of different priests to whom I am grateful for their assistance: Fr. Ed Hinsperger, Fr. Don Sanvido, and Fr. Tom Moisan.

  • Our building project is coming to an end. After 5 years of meetings, planning, fundraising, etc., we are only 2-3 months away from completion. The plan is to be ready to move into the new rectory at the beginning of September. There will be many opportunities to come together for a tour and a BBQ, perhaps we will have special days for each of our mission churches to come for an open house. In the meantime, I want to thank you for your patience, your generosity, and your vision. We will have more information coming soon, with presentations at each of the churches regarding the final financial details of our building project.

Enjoy your summer, stay close to one another and to God, and may the Blessed Mother keep us protected from all evil and close to her Son, Jesus the Lord.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma


Unknown member
Jun 30, 2022

Have a lovely vacation, Father Francis. We’ll miss you but are glad you will be enjoying a well deserved break.


Abin Joy
Jun 24, 2022


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