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"The Imitation of Christ"

Here are a few quotes from “The Imitation of Christ” that I present for prayerful reflection:

“To be learned and able to discuss the Trinity will get you nowhere if you do not have humility. It is better to experience contrition than to be able to define it”

“Nothing is so beneficial as true knowledge of ourselves. Always think kindly of others. If you see another commit a grievous sin, do not regard yourself as better, for you do not know what you would do if similarly tempted”

“On the day of judgement we will not be asked what we have read, but what we have done. Neither will we be asked how well we have spoken, but how devoutly we have lived.”

“When people desire anything to an excessive degree, they immediately lose their peace of soul. Peace is in the heart of the devout and fervent, not in those who are carnal and give themselves to outward things.”

“A humble person is a peaceful person; but the hearts of the proud are full of envy and resentment”

“If our religion consists only in outward observances, our piety will soon come to an end.”

“It is not easy to break bad habits. But if you do not overcome the little things, how do you expect to overcome the greater?”

“Often we do not know what we can do until temptation shows us what we are”.

“Learn how to be patient in enduring the faults of others, remembering that you yourself have many that offend others”.

“As our intention is, so will our progress be. Let us then make up our minds to do the best we can”.

“We should carefully search and put in order both our interior and our exterior, for both are necessary to our spiritual progress.”

“Those who are honest and peaceful turn all things to good and are suspicious of no one”

“We are quick to complain of what we put up with from others, with never a thought of what others suffer from us.”

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma


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