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The light of Easter

What does it mean for us to celebrate Easter? It may seem that Easter Sunday has come and gone, and perhaps the temptation to move on with our lives to the next thing on the calendar is making us want to leave the Easter celebrations behind. Before we do leave Easter behind us, the Church through her liturgies, invites us to consider the meaning of Easter for a few more weeks, even as we journey towards the Solemnity of Pentecost. Did you know that Easter season lasts 7 weeks, and only ends on May 28th on Pentecost?

We are told that it is essential for us to soak in the light of Easter for a long time, so that it can actually make a real impact on our spiritual life. Important moments of our lives are to be noticed and celebrated intentionally and slowly, never letting the sacred lessons of these moments to simply pass into the past without having made a significant impact on our lives. According to St. Augustine “eternity is the ever-present now”, which means that the only way we can experience the bliss of God’s eternity some day is by slowing down the present, just long enough to actually notice it. Easter season is extended with this very purpose in mind, so that by extending it we may actually make it more present to our minds, hearts, emotions, and experiences. Even as we move on to different tasks that will occupy our time during the early weeks of the warm month of May, dare we continue and notice the great presence of the only one who is true Presence, the risen Lord Himself. Easter blessings, and I love you all!

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma


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