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Welcome Fr. Francis Ahuekwe


Father Francis Chibuzor Ahuekwe, the second child in a large family of nine born to Paul and Blessing Ahuekwe in the late 1980s, celebrates his birthday on May 8th. Ordained into the Catholic Diocese of Aba, Nigeria, in August 2016, Father Francis has dedicated over seven years to serving in various parishes, demonstrating unwavering commitment to his ministry. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Theology and has recently completed a postgraduate certificate in Management and Leadership Development from Conestoga College.

Father Francis is widely respected for his deep-rooted faith, pastoral care skills, and approachable demeanor. Known for his enthusiastic and compassionate nature, he is deeply committed to helping those in need and providing emotional support to parishioners. His expertise extends to leading religious services, delivering inspiring sermons, and providing spiritual guidance and counseling.

Adept at fostering community relationships, Father Francis excels in collaborating with parishioners on charitable initiatives and administering sacraments with reverence and compassion. His leadership qualities, dedication to service, and adherence to Catholic principles are exemplary, earning him respect and admiration within the community.

In his leisure time, Father Francis enjoys watching soccer, indulging in reading, and exploring new destinations through travel. His passion for his faith, coupled with his commitment to serving others, makes him a valuable asset to any parish or community he serves.


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