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As per usual we will be discontinuing the printing of our parish bulletin for the months of July and August. This is a common practice in most parishes, given the slower pace of events during the summer months. If there are any important events or updates during the summer months, we may produce a handout to be given out from time to time. The work will continue during July and August, especially in relation to the Building Project which has been under way for some time now. An update on the progress of our Building Project will be offered next weekend in the form of a handout which will include a summary of work done to this point, as well as the results of feedback received from parishioners to this point. We will also include most common questions and suggestions offered by parishioners. I am most indebted to the

building committee members who will continue to meet throughout the summer months. Some of the important events of this summer will include:

- Saturday 5pm Mass will resume at Sauble Beach for July and August.

- St. Micheal’s Irish Block celebration with Bishop Crosby on August 4.

- Bishop Crosby’s visit to St. Mary’s in Cape Croker on August 5.

- Saying good bye to Seminarian Paul Niesiobedzki as he returns to the seminary for further studies at the beginning of August.

- Welcoming Seminarian Matt Gunnarson for his pastoral year at the end of August.

- Saying “see you later” to Fr. James McSharry as he leaves for his holidays and sabbatical at the beginning of August and comes back just in time for Christmas. May the summer months be a time of many blessings for all members and visitors of St. Mary’s and the Missions Parish!

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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