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From the Pastor's Desk:

A short update regarding our building project is in order. After submitting a request to the City for a building permit, we were asked to provide an independent Heritage Study of our existing rectory building along with a few other documents. We now have these additional studies and documents and will submit them to the City hoping to receive a building permit. More details on our progress will be coming as an insert in the bulletin in the next few weeks. Thanks to the great members of our Building Committee who are working very hard.

Ex Corde Foundation of the Diocese of Hamilton has generously accepted our submission for funds to help cover the cost of a new roof on St. Stanislaus Church in Chatsworth, and a new heating furnace in St. Mary’s Church in Hepworth. Thank you to Bishop Douglas Crosby and the members of the Ex Corde Foundation which exists to provide financial assistance to parishes in need.

Fr. James is enjoying his sabbatical experience in Ireland. Time flies and we will see him soon when he returns to us for Christmas. My special thanks to Fr. Tom Moison and Fr. Anthony Azzoparti for their generous help during Fr. James’ sabbatical. I have heard wonderful feedback from parishioners about Fr. Tom and Fr. Anthony. I also want to say how proud I am of our good parishioners who have been very welcoming to our visiting priests.

This week is the Annual Priests’ Seminar, a time when all the priests from the Diocese of Hamilton spend 3 days together. This means that Fr. Emmanuel, Matt, and I will be away from the parish on Wednesday until Friday this week. Masses will be cancelled during our time away, so please look at the Mass intentions schedule on this page (to the left) if you are a daily Mass attendee. Please pray for us, especially for me, that I behave myself and don’t say anything silly.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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