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From the Pastor's Desk:

Christmas is a joyous occasion. Those of us who are committed to the Christian faith rejoice at the great love given to us in the coming of Jesus Christ. Those not committed to Jesus Christ still find ways to celebrate the joy of Christmas with many joy filled traditions and family gatherings. But there are some, who find Christmas very difficult. I remember one woman who came to me many years ago and shared her struggle in celebrating Christmas after the death of her son. She struggled through many Christmases. She loved her son and each Christmas reminded her of the pain of missing him at the Christmas table. One day she went to Church and heard a homily about Christ’s birth. She told me that it was because of that homily that she was able to celebrate Christmas once again. She realized that it was thanks to the birth of Jesus Christ that her son was in heaven, and that she would see him again. Christmas time is a perfect reflection of our life, filled with both joys and sorrows. As we listen to the account of Christ’s birth we see that tension on display. There are joyful and celebratory moments: the goodness of Joseph and Mary, the kindness of strangers, the singing of angels, the reverence of shepherds. We also see pain and suffering: the envy of King Herod, the poverty of the holy family, the long journey filled with danger. Yes, our Lord Jesus comes to us and from the first moments of his incarnation chooses to experience everything that is human: joys and sorrow, love and hate, acceptance and rejection. Christmas is meant to be both comforting and challenging for Christians, after all, we wish to unite ourselves with Jesus and all of his experiences. Please be good to one another this Christmas, know that you are loved by God, and take the time to share that love with everyone you meet. And if you feel lonely this Christmas, just give me a ring and come right over. I will have a warm cup of tea and great sweets waiting to be shared.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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