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From the Pastor's Desk:

I didn't realize how powerful the prayers of our children can be. As you probably know I have been praying with our children for snow, and our prayers were answered. People have been asking me now to stop praying for snow, and I tell them that we stopped in December, and yet we continue to be blessed. I am so grateful to all our parishioners for your kind understanding during these last few weeks when we had to cancel some Masses due to poor driving conditions. We don't do it often, but in the last few weeks it was necessary. Thank you for understanding. I want to update our parish on a few exciting projects in the parish. The first is our Alpha Program which began at the end of January. This is a series of evenings designed to help people come to know and deepen their love for God. I was surprised how many people have chosen to participate, we’re just shy of 100 people. The program will last 10 weeks, but given the large interest we hope to offer it again in the fall. This would also be a wonderful program that could be offered at our mission churches as a way of reaching out to locals. If we have enough interest we will definitely make this a reality. Second, our Building project is moving along as expected. We just received a Building permit for the first phase of the build, and hope to begin construction of the new parish hall addition in April. More information will be coming to all parishioners soon, including our capital campaign to help with the financial aspect of this exciting growth and renewal of our parish.

Fr. Wojtek Kuzma

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