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Epiphany of the Lord

Dear Parishioners,  

Christmas season is always a time where we run ourselves ragged. We go from celebration to celebration, party to party, and by the end we are exhausted. But it is a good exhausted.  

The feasts of the Christmas season deserve to be celebrated with all our energy. The Nativity, The Holy Family, Mary Mother of God, Epiphany, and the Baptism of Our Lord, are a gallery of great feasts and we want to soak in everything they offer.   

To celebrate these feasts as they deserve, both at home and at church, requires a lot of work and people. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making these feasts an encounter with God for all who came. The decorators, choir and musicians, parish staff, ushers, servers, lectors, ministers, and the thousand and one other people who made our celebrations beautiful. Thanks also to those who came to Mass. Your prayers and presence contribute in a way that only God sees, you have stored up for yourselves treasure in heaven.  

The Christmas season is not over, but most of the busyness has come to and end. Now we rest and recuperate. As we do, may we thank God for giving us such a wonderful season to celebrate His work of salvation.  

God Bless,  

Fr. David  


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