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Love 101 : A woman's perspective on family and faith

Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me, yet here I am again. I mentioned months ago (perhaps it’s been a year?) that I wanted to compile my bulletin pieces into a book as a fundraiser for the rectory building project.

Once we were in our new home; once we got the house warmed up and cleaned up after the movers left, we were faced with thousands of boxes to unpack. All the while, my promise of the fundraiser book hung over me like a cloud. And that was the impetus I needed to get the unpacking done. And I got it done.

Love 101 is ready for print! We’re selling the book for $25 – all proceeds going to the St. Mary’s Rectory Building Fund. There are two ways to order and two ways to pay: you can email me, or contact Brenda at the parish office. Please let us know your name and which church in the parish you attend. You can e-transfer the $25 to or you can arrange to pay at the church office. We will take orders till the end of May, at which time I’ll place one order for the books, having them sent to St. Mary’s parish office.

All the bills will be coming to me – for printing and shipping. So, it’s easiest to pay me directly, if you can, making less work for Brenda. I plan to come to visit the parish when the book is in print and I’d be happy to sign your book if you’d like. My hope is that you’ll not only purchase a book for yourself, but that you might let friends and family know about it too.

With some of the pieces in Love 101, I added a bit about what was going on my in life at the time it was written. I have also included some photographs throughout the book, just to make it a bit more interesting, and I even got Fr. David Reilander to write the Foreword. The book is 138 pages of my rambling thoughts on family and faith. All the typos found within are mine, I can’t blame them on anyone else, but I hope you’ll be kind and ignore them.

As the winds soften and the temperatures rise, we’re meeting more people around us who have been holed up in their homes this bitterly cold season. Perhaps moving in the dead of winter was the best plan; we’ve survived it, we’re still very happy here…and it can only get better, now that spring is slowly unfolding. We miss you all and wish you a Blessed Easter Season!

Margery Frisch


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