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Synod on Synodality

Dear Parishioners,

The time has come to double our prayers. The Synod on Synodality for Synodal Church started last Wednesday Oct 4th and will continue for the next 3 weeks till Sunday Oct 29th.

During that time the 450 participants will meet almost daily. They will spend long hours listening to presentations, discussing, and praying. Their goal is to discern where the Holy Spirit is leading His church.

That task is easier said than done. To listen to the Spirit requires a lot of prayer. As the prophet Elijah learned, God does not speak in earthquakes, fire, and strong winds, but rather in a quiet whisper (1 kings 19). So, if we are to hear His voice, we must enter into the quietness of prayer.

There will be a lot of loud voices at this time, saying the church should go in one direction or another. Some may be right, but many will be wrong. Our job is to enter into that quiet prayer, support the church through our sacrifices, and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide those who know and listen to Him.

God Bless,

Fr. David


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